7 Figure Guru Seeking 8 New Partners as Case Studies. Watch Video to See If You Qualify!
Finally, Partner With a Guru!
Will I Actually Get to Speak With You, Not a VA in Another Country?
YES! Both of us are actually looking forward to this.  We have developed the best program that the average person can use to finally build a REAL business online. You're going to love it... if you're accepted.
How Will I Know if I'm Accepted for a Private Strategy Session?
Someone from my office will be in touch with you via phone or email to confirm and setup your appointment time. We are expecting many applications so get yours in early.
Can I Just Hire You to Consult With Me Privately and Skip the Call?
NO... At this time we are not accepting ANY new private consulting opportunities so that we can focus on the exclusive offer to get on the phone with one of us and finally get your questions answered.   
How Long Will My Private Strategy Session Last?
We are scheduling strategy sessions for 30 minutes but we anticipate that for a few we may run over to 45-50 minutes if we get on a roll and see things that can really help you build your LIFESTYLE business.
How Long Will You Be Offering This?
This will probably be your only chance to get on the phone with either of us privately.  And once we find the best candidates for the training program, we'll be closing the doors to new applications. Remember that we are looking for CASE STUDIES for our new method and we will NOT STOP until our candidates have achieved success!  This is the only offer of it's kind that literally forces you on the path to proven success.  How much do you think it will cost you without a plan?
Is This Really Free?
Your Strategy Session is 100% free... NO strings attached or any "Tom Foolery".  This private call is designed to identify if you are a good candidate for our new method, so we'll be asking you questions and giving you LOTS of feedback.  We're holding nothing back to help launch or fix your online business.  If you are accepted to work with us as a case study, you'll need to make an investment in some tools and training as with any business... kinda common sense. 
Can I Record the Call With You?
NO... We want to respect the privacy of those speaking with as as we'll be sharing some of the intimate details of our businesses and how we created these evergreen pipelines of income.  This way we can both be free to share openly and honestly in private. Like I said, this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  If you have a business partner or wife/husband, they can be on the call with you, just need to tell us in advance.
How Can You Guarantee Results?
The biggest hurdle we've seen stop good people dead in their tracks is "Technology".  Something as simple as setting up a website.  We will teach you everything you need to do the right way and our team of professionals will actually help you setup everything.  Remember, this method is "Success Forcing".  We're serious and this is not for whiners or wimps... It'll be work, but it's worth it!